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DIY: Homemade wax melts with essential oils

DIY-homemade-wax-melts-with-essential-oilsWhen I first started using essential oils (many) years ago, it was mostly due to my severe allergies to chemicals.  It was a sad day (or so I thought) when I couldn’t go into a bath and body shop without coming out with a severe headache.  It was then that I said goodbye to chemical-filled commercial products and started making my own alternatives.

Most commercial scented wax melts contain parrafin and other chemicals which are harmful when heated.  By replacing these toxic ingredients with natural ones like beeswax and coconut oil, you’ll not only save money, but improve your health too!

I hope you have as much fun with this recipe as I do!

Death by chickens


So I’m standing in line at the grocery deli trying to get a bite to eat before I keel over, and I’m watching the deli lady. She’s hopping around singing to herself, and occasionally when someone walks by she knows, she looks up from making our pretzels and yells hello with a laugh so loud it echos through the entire store. I’m amused watching this lady’s joyful expressions of life and I’m thinking to myself, “Is she really this energetic? How could she be this energetic?”
Then she turns to me and says, out of the blue, “I have so much energy I stay up till 3 am every morning and I’m 50 years old!”
I’m just starring at her thinking “Oh ya, well, I’m 38 and I feel like 50, so let me hop around and tell you all about it.”
She continues to go on and on about how good she feels all the time and then she stops and looks up like she’s come to a realization…”Maybe”, she says, “it’s because I don’t have any kids?!”
AH HAH! The reason is discovered!

Favorite fall essential oil recipes for your diffuser


fall essential oil blends for diffuser

I have to admit the older I get, the more I like fall.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting older?  I have to admit that age has a tendency to urge you to slow down and  focus on what’s really important.  In Chinese medicine, Autumn marks the beginning of a cycle of personal turning within.  When our time is more directed toward our work, our families, and projects at home- to slow down and prepare ourselves for winter.  This is the perfect time to fill the air with warming scents that remind us of the season.

Here are some of my favorite fall essential oil blend recipes to for your diffuser, or you can use them in a wax melting pot.