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Wheat pancakes your kids will love!

If you are looking to add more healthy wheat recipes to your menu but your kids picky tastes are stopping you, this is the perfect recipe!  It’s not completely whole wheat, but enough to taste good and make a nutritional improvement over most common breakfast foods.

6 Natural Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

natural ways to beat the winter blues

Growing up in California I could never get enough sun!!  I’d be outside right after breakfast and wouldn’t come back in until the sun went down.  Even now, as I look out my window at the gloomy, chilly, January day, I feel all warm and tingly inside just thinking about lying in the sand with the sun warming my skin.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

I had no problems at all with seasonal depression until I moved to Utah.  Most people unknowingly think the North Pole is the Arctic region of the world, but it’s not.  It’s Northern Utah.  And of course, Idaho too, because anyone that’s ever lived here knows the wind chill can compete with any harsh, frozen climate of the arctic.  Just ask my family who visits from California every winter with only hoodies to keep them warm.  They never learn.

For years I struggled with seasonal depression.  It would usually start soon after Christmas, about this time, and last until Spring- when I could finally get out and get some desperately needed sun!  Every fall I would actually have anxiety knowing what was coming- the gloominess, the cold, the lack of sun.  Winter was the most difficult time of the year for me, and for those around me.

As I have gotten older I have gained the skills and tools to help treat and prevent seasonal depression.  One of the most critical things I have learned in treating seasonal depression is to start early and hit it hard.  Depression is one of those things that when it takes control, it’s impossible to get out of the downward spiral without help.  So treat it early and treat it hard.