Health Evolution- Better breakfast foods

Yay!  I have to admit I’m really excited, and also a little nervous, for this journey ahead of me.  It’s been a bit of a challenge taking things a step at a time, but I feel things are moving forward nicely.

For our first healthy “improvement” I wanted to change one of our family’s main daily meals, but I didn’t want it to be a huge effort, or be so shocking that it would cause a food strike.  So I looked at our schedule- what time of the day are we home most consistently?  What is going on in our environment during that time?  Is it crazy hectic, or somewhat mild and manageable?  I also looked at what kind of meals we eat during the day- What foods are we eating?  How long does it takes me to prepare the meal?  And how many “helpers” do I have in the process?

Looking at these factors, I decided on breakfast food as the easiest way to make an adjustment.  Except for the occasional  (uh, morning ritual) of frantically searching for shoes and throwing kids out the door to catch the bus, our mornings are pretty mild.  It’s also the one meal I felt would make the biggest impact for the change since our morning diet was … brace yourself … cold breakfast cereal.  UGGHHH!!!  NOOOO!!!  *writhing in shame*

I know… I admit it… convenience won the battle on that one.  But after I read about how terrible cereal is, I decided that it’s worth the extra few minutes in the morning to make the change.  So, no more cold cereal and hello yummy, wholesome breakfast foods that actually do the body good!

*more foods and recipes will be coming


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