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I was first exposed to muscle testing in massage school many years ago.  I actually have to laugh when I think about it because I remember it like it was yesterday.  To tell you the truth I had no idea how I even got to massage school.  Up to that point I was very much “western medicine”.  I was totally clueless about anything natural or alternative in healing.  I thought Chi (body’s energy) was a form of Karate.  So when I attended my class on Applied Kinesiology (a form of muscle testing), I thought I had entered the twilight zone and ended up in the madhouse.  Seriously.  I thought everyone was crazy.  It was quite the experience for me back then.

Since that class I have grown and learned a lot.  Probably the the most important thing I have learned is this- don’t disregard something just because you don’t understand it.  There is so much we don’t understand!  There is so much about the human body and it’s capabilities that we haven’t even tapped into!  I was very closed minded during my first experience with energy work and muscle testing.  It took me years to experience it again with an open mind.  Now there’s not a day that goes by when I don’t express my gratitude for this incredible tool I have to assist me with not only my healing, but others as well.


What Is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is based on two fundamental truths that one, everything is made up of energy, and two, when energy is exposed to other energy, it responds.

#1 Everything is made up of energy.

There are many different forms of energy, and if I were anything like my husband (an engineer) I would go on to explain all the really cool scientific stuff about energy.  Which, when he explains it, is really cool.  But I’m not him and I’m not scientific.  So I will try to explain this as simply as I can.

Everything around us- the rocks, living things, the food we eat, even the clothes we wear- are all made up of matter.  All matter has energy, which is made up of molecules vibrating at different frequencies.  Our bodies have energy which flows through all our organs and systems in specific channels and pathways.  However, because each of us is a unique individual, we each have our own unique energy system made up of specific energy vibrations.  Just like each of us has our own unique fingerprint.


#2 When energy is exposed to other energy, it responds.

Because each of us has our own unique energy system, everything we come in contact with or experience, impacts us differently on an energetic vibrational level.  When our energy system is exposed to other energy, whether through food, words, thoughts, music, emotions, people, supplements, etc., it responds.  For example, our body’s energy will respond positively with certain vibrations and negatively against others, either benefiting or stressing our system.  By using muscle testing, or I like to call it energy testing, we are able to tap into our energy system and assess these energetic “responses”.

Everything that we experience in life, from our basic body functions, to emotions and memories from life experience, is all recorded in our energy system.  And because everything in this universe has an energy frequency, I am able to “test” various energy frequencies against my own energy system to see how it responds, thus giving me an indication of what is healthy or stressful to my system. Try this experiment to see how it works…

Go out to your kitchen and grab a food that would be beneficial to you, like a fruit or vegetable.  Hold it up to your chest and ask yourself in a statement, “This _____ is beneficial to my body” and then feel your body’s response.  Your body will lean forward (towards) what you are holding, indicating a YES, or TRUE statement, that it is beneficial to your body.  Now hold something that is not beneficial for you, like a can of soda or candy.  Hold it up to your chest and say the same statement,  “This _____ is beneficial to my body” and feel your body’s response.  Your body will lean backwards (away) from what you are holding, indicating a NO, or untrue statement, indicating that it is not beneficial to you.

** Keep in mind that this is a very BASIC experiment of muscle testing and there could be other factors that would effect your body’s response- like if you are balanced, hydrated, even your emotions and thoughts can effect your results (I’ll go on to explain more of this in detail).  So if you get a “weird” response don’t discount the process, there’s probably a reason for your “weird” response.  For example, one time I was showing a friend how to do this with a can of soda.  She asked if it was beneficial for her and she leaned forwards.  I was confused by this because I know soda is not beneficial.  After thinking about this for a minute I realized that her statement was too generic since she had an emotional addiction to the soda.  For her, in that moment, the soda was serving a purpose for her and was providing some benefit to her emotionally.  I had her revise her statement to ask if it was beneficial to her physical body and the response was a clear NO!  For fun she asked if it was beneficial emotionally, and the response was a yes.

Uses For Muscle Testing Include:

  • Testing reactions to substances to identify allergies or sensitivities.
  • Identify what and how much of a supplement or remedy might be the most beneficial to you physically or emotionally.
  • Identify limiting unconscious beliefs that are effecting health.
  • Identify trapped emotions in body or system.
  • Identify overall function or health in body, organ, or system.


How Do I Do It?

While there are many methods of muscle testing, the easiest way for beginners is using the “sway” method, like what I described above.  Using the sway method, if your body is balanced, then your body will pull (or sway) forward if the statement is true and push (or sway) backward if the statement is untrue.  Here’s how:

  1. Stand relaxed with your hands at your side and your feet slightly apart.
  2. Balance and ground your energy.  This is probably the most important part of this whole thing- you cannot get accurate responses if your energy isn’t balanced.  There are several ways to do this but I have found the easiest is to 1.) Balance yourself by tapping your thymus (chest area) several times and ask your energy to balance.  To help with this, you could imagine your energy flowing freely through your body without obstructions, or ask yourself, “What would it feel like to be balanced?” and imagine feeling balanced and calm.  You only need to do this until your body knows how to balance itself.  After you do this a few times, your body should balance easily.  2.)  Ground your energy by asking for your energy to be grounded.  I like to imagine my energy roots going deep into the earth, grounding yourself.  I know my energy is grounded when I feel my feet are heavy and are pulling or sinking towards the ground.
  3. Establish a YES/NO baseline for your energy.  I like to think of this as “showing” your energy what you want it to do.  This also helps you to get comfortable with “feeling” your YES/NO responses.  To establish a YES response: Simply state out loud, as you lean your body forward, “I want to sway forward for a YES”, then lean your body forward.  You should feel your body pull forward (if not, that’s ok, just keep going).  Then return to standing in straight up position.  To establish your NO response: State out loud, as you lean your body backwards, “I want to sway backward for a NO”, and feel your body fall backward.  Do this a few times so you feel like your body “gets” what you want it to do.  You’ll know when you’ve established a good baseline if your body will easily sway forward and backward without you having to “move” it.
  4. Confirm you are balanced and ready to test by asking a simple question that you already know the answer to.  This will confirm you are balanced, have a baseline, and ready to go.  I like using the simple statement of, “My name is _________ “, and then state your correct name.  If your body leans forward (YES response), you know you’re balanced and ready to begin.  If not, repeat the balancing sequence and ask your statement again.  If you’re still having a hard time getting balanced then get a drink of water- you’re probably dehydrated.  Or turn your brain off- you’re probably thinking too much and it’s messing with your responses.  If you feel like you’re thinking too much simply place the palm of your hand behind your neck at the base of your head.  This helps to block any thoughts you have that could be messing with your responses.
  5. Begin testing by stating clear, YES/NO statements.  This is probably THE most important aspect of energy testing.  The answers you get will only be as good as the statements or questions you ask.  This is VERY IMPORTANT as literal wording of your question or statement will determine your responses.




Tips to help you in your testing:

  • Be as specific as possible.
  • Ask one thing at a time.
  • Be clear in your mind on what you want to know, and then phrase your question or statement accordingly.
  • Often making statements give you a clearer answer than asking a question.  EXAMPLE: “My body will benefit from adding calcium to my diet.” VS. “Would my body benefit from adding calcium to my diet?”
  • Ask the same question many different ways (from different angles) to make sure you’re getting a consistent and accurate response.  EXAMPLE: If you get a yes that tomatoes are stressful to your system, you can confirm your answer like this, “Tomatoes are stressful to my system, is this true?”
  • Use follow up questions.  EXAMPLE:  “Is there any reason NOT to do this?” or “Is there anything else I need to know?”
  • Sometimes instead of getting a forward or backward sway, you might get a sideways sway.  This usually indicates that you need to ask a better question, make a better statement, or be more clear in what you want to know.
  • You can get inconsistent results when you are tired, under the influence of a toxin, emotionally upset, or unable to be present and focused in the moment.  If your results are inconsistent, try balancing yourself again, drinking water, go to the bathroom, thump your thymus several times (your thymus is located beneath your breastbone, about a hand’s width below the throat).  If these don’t help, stop and try it again when you are more clear headed and energetic.
  • Don’t get frustrated if it seems difficult at first.  Keep trying, you will get better!



First and foremost, energy testing should not be used in place of personal agency and/or spiritual revelation. Muscle testing is a way for you to receive instruction about the needs of your body.  It is not a substitute for using your God-given agency.  Asking if you should take the bus to school, or if you should move to California, is not what it is meant for.  Use your brain for things like this, that’s why you have one!

Energy testing is not a “fortune telling” tool.  It is testing YOUR energy system at that moment in time in regards to a food, supplement, statement, question, etc.  Asking if Brad will call tonight and ask you on a date, is not an appropriate question.  People have their own consciousness and agency.  Just don’t go there!!

When testing other people, ALWAYS get permission either verbally or energetically to test them.  If you don’t have permission, DON’T TEST!

It is not a replacement for conventional medical diagnostics. Do not rely on muscle testing alone to determine whether you have an illness, food sensitivity, or other serious condition.

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  1. Machelle says:

    Hi!I have been looking for a good explanation of energy testing to post on my blog to help people understand what it’s all about, and I just stumbled upon your wonderful description. I was wondering if I could use excerpts from your page, mainly the What is Muscle Testing, How Do I Do It, and Tips sections, as well as the graphic showing a positive/negative sway test. If it’s okay that I quote those sections, I’d like to attribute the info to you, and link back to your site (to give you credit for the info, but also because you’ve got some great content that I think “speaks” to the same folks who are finding my page). Please let me know if it would be ok to use those excerpts with a link to your page….thanks


    • admin says:

      Hi Machelle, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you- I took a short breakfor the holiday 🙂
      Yes, you’re more than welcome to use my article to help others with your blog. Thanks for all your work in helping and teaching others!!

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