Essential Oils

I absolutely LOVE oils.  Can I say that again?  Really, I love oils.  It’s actually kind of funny because before I started learning about oils I thought they were a little weird- the oils and the people that used them.  But now I admit it, I’m weird and I love it.  I use them all the time!  In fact, there’s a running joke in my family that whenever an issue comes up, I’ll use an oil for it.  You’ve got a cold?  Here’s some Oregano.  You have a sore neck?  Use some Peppermint.  You chopped your finger off?  Yarrow will fix it right up!  Alright, I admit it, oils won’t grow your finger back.  —–

So what drives my love affair with oils?  Aside from the incredible experiences I’ve had with them, oils are easy to use and offer such a wide range of health and healing benefits.  When you use an essential oil, you’re using concentrated forms of the healing properties of God-given plants.

Just as plants are living things, the oils from them are also living, and each contain it’s own frequencies and healing properties.  The benefits you receive from using an essential oil, not only effect you on a physical level, but the emotional and spiritual as well.  Maybe it’s because I’m more of an impatient person by nature, but I love using an oil for a specific issue, and also receiving it’s countless other benefits emotionally and spiritually as well.

You can study and categorize oils, but I believe there is much we don’t know about them.  Just as with any living thing, each oil has it’s own frequencies and sensitivities, which are impossible to truly quantify and calculate.  I love that I can reach for an oil because it’s “been on my mind” and I instantly feel that it’s just what I needed.

Every time I use an oil, for whatever the reason, I feel such a deep gratitude and appreciation for these incredible God-given gifts.


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