Health Evolution

I’ve always considered myself to be fairly healthy.  I enjoy being active and stay away from harmful things.  I admit I succumb to the occasional dessert, but for the most part I try to make healthy food choices.  My family genetics aren’t something to brag about though.  I have pretty much all the major killers in my line- heart disease, diabetes, several types of cancers, not to mention hormonal imbalances, which all bring a little caution to my choices.  But ever since I started having kids (and putting a little more stress on my body) I’ve come to realize that maybe I wasn’t as healthy as I thought.  I mean, activity level doesn’t necessarily reveal your state of health.

It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve started giving my health a real good look, and I can’t help but feel there are things I need to change. I guess I can blame this on several things like getting older, or my difficult recovery after having my fourth child recently. Or maybe it was the death flu that hit me Christmas Eve that blessed me with a new found appreciation for health. Whatever it was, it has grown into a strong determination to change my health, and my life.

*A side note to really understand that when I say, “I’m making some changes”- you know that it has become Defcon 1… or maybe 2 … but definitely up there.

My personality is one that if I can’t do it all 100%, then I don’t do it.  This, in many ways, is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing in that what I do, is done well.  The curse on the other hand, is that I can get overwhelmed pretty easy, and then don’t do anything.  Although I have to admit that it’s probably more of a curse than a blessing.  Just ask my husband how many times he had to come with me to the supermarket just to help me buy a bucket of wheat for our food storage!  I had such anxiety thinking of all the stuff I WASN’T getting!  What about the oats and the sugar?  And beans?  We can’t have tacos without beans?  It was terrible torment.

Also, whenever I think of making diet changes, I can’t help but picture me, still in my pajamas, slaving away with some made-from-scratch meal, with kids rolling all over, and never having a life outside of my kitchen!  This is probably the biggest set back I have since I AM NOT a natural homemaker.  Seriously.  I can cook a turkey in the ground while camping, and it comes out great.  But do I know how to work an oven?  Or make bread for that matter?  Uh, no.  And I have to admit … I really like convenience.  With four kids, sometimes I just want my husband to bring home a pizza just so I don’t have to cook ONE meal in a day.

So there you have it.  Now you know my weaknesses- my set-backs.  And I feel they are much too big sometimes.

With that said, it’s with these weaknesses (and a little perfection anxiety), that I have been prayerfully seeking out simple changes I can make in my life, and with my family, that will bring positive changes in our health. Cause let’s be honest here, if it’s not simple, then I’m not gonna do it!

I’m calling this my health evolution- small changes that bring about good results, because to me, THAT’S believable!  I’ll be sharing what I learn and implement in my family.  Maybe it can be of some good and help others that might be in the same boat.  You’re welcome to follow along, ask questions, share advice and insight.  Because really, I am no expert by any means.  Maybe together we can encourage others to begin their health evolution of their own.  After all, just one change is better than nothing.


To learn more about the changes we’re making in our family, click through the links below:

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