Herbal Tincture Recipes

herbtincturesInfection Fighter (Butterfly Express formula)

3.0 echinacea root
2.0 oregon grape root
1.0 poke root
1.0 red clover blossoms
0.5 cayenne
0.5 yarrow
1.0 usnea

For internal or external use.  I LOVE this recipe!!  I make it in large quantities for my family and friends for any kind of sickness.


Lower Bowel (Dr. Christopher’s formula)

1.0 barberry bark
2.0 cascara sagrada
1.0 cayenne
1.0 ginger
1.0 goldenseal root (I like to substitute oregon grape root as goldenseal is a little pricey)
1.0 lobelia
1.0 red raspberry
1.0 turkey rhubarb
1.0 fennel



1.0 elderberry flowers
1.0 peppermint
1.0 yarrow


BBL (This is a Butterfly Express formula)

1.0 black cohosh
1.0 blue cohosh
1.0 blue vervain
1.0 scullcap
0.5 lobelia

For internal (use 10-20 drops) or external use.  This is really good for relieving pain- especially any spasming or throbbing pain like earaches, menstrual cramps, headaches, ect.


Cough Tincture (Excellent for whooping cough)

2 parts Mullein
1 part Elecampane
1 part Slippery Elm
1 part Ginger
1 part Thyme
1 part Lobelia
1 part Yarrow

This tincture is more specific to cutting and removing mucus and phlegm, and assisting expectoration from the lungs.  You could also add one part Red Clover to fight off any bacteria or infections.

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