Candila (10 ml)

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INGREDIENTS: cypress, lavender, manuka, mountain savory, tagette, tea tree, rosemary, ylang ylang

AFFINITY FOR: immune system, reproductive system, digestive system, skin

RESONANCE: physical

APPLICATION: LeCandila should be diluted well and applied to affected areas. If you use this blend as a douche for vaginal candida, be sure to dilute very well!

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeCandila was created for use against thrush, candida, and vaginal yeast type infections. LeCandila is not a “magic bullet” there is no such thing, really. To eradicate a candida overgrowth you must make dietary changes. The use of a good quality acidophilus or pro-biotic is also recommended. A Vitamin E supplement in your diet may also be of benefit.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Most of us will have some sort of systemic yeast overgrowth at one time or another during our lives. This will probably be due to a diet which is too acidic or taking antibiotics. Even a brief period of an acidic diet, such as during the holiday season, can produce an acidic enough environment to cause an outbreak of candida. A round of antibiotics, if we find it necessary to subject ourselves to such a regimen, can also create the optimal environment for a candida overgrowth. LeCandila, and a product carried by Butterfly Express, llc, called Candidase, can be very beneficial in keeping yeast from multiplying out of control.


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